Freelancer Starter Pack: A College Student Guide to Freelancing

It is no longer surprising that college students want to work. Working while studying has its own benefits. It will give you a work experience or financially support your studies. In a CNBC report published in 2015, more than 70{27cf775b870bc5ac282d0833b509705cb6a92dbdbda0a7565789d36712b3dc02} students are working while attending school. They also indicated that the number grew when enrollment and tuition increased.

But is it possible for a student to balance work and studies?

Yes, it is possible if you’re a freelancer. A freelancer is a self-employed person who’s offering services with the expectation of a payment. When you’re a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your schedule. You can work at your most convenient time. You may work for multiple clients simultaneously if you don’t have much study load.

So how do you start a freelance job?


Since you’re setting up your own business, you have to think of what you can offer to your clients. What are you’re good at? What skills have you mastered? If you have the passion for writing, you may start accepting online writing jobs. Also, make a schedule that would make a bar between your job and studies. Making a realistic plan will free you from stress.


If you already know what services you’ll be offering, it’s time to gather everything you need. In order for you to start your business, you have to have the right materials that are vital in your field. If you choose to be an online freelancer, you’ll need an internet connection that is affordable but stable. Aside from an internet connection, you might also want to use VOIP Canada, so your client can contact you more easily.


You have to make your brand outshine other competitors. Put up blogs or social media accounts. Then, make posts that would catch people’s attention. Since most people have an access to the internet, you’re bound to find clients online.


An outstanding portfolio consists of your best works that would serve as samples of your work. If possible, you can also include sample feedback from your previous clients. You may post it online so everyone from around the world can view it. Always remember that if you have an exemplary portfolio, you can attract more and better clients. But don’t stop at satisfying your first clients. Always aim to provide the best service.


Have fun working for clients of your choice and building your own network. However, never forget why you’re working in the first place. You are working in order to have the money to finance your studies or save money. A freelance work has its own advantages. However, it is still better to have a degree than to settle into something that is not permanent. If you want to continue being a freelancer after you graduate, you can at least upgrade your services, so you can earn more.

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High value home insurance

We are one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers in the UK and one of only a few offering a full range of high value home insurance cover to owners of higher value properties and their contents. If you live in a higher value home, or your have contents worth more than £50,000, you will probably have experienced problems getting insurance cover at a reasonable price, if at all. That’s where we can help. Our Home & Contents cover will make sure that your property is adequately covered in the event of a mishap, and at a price you’ll like.

Our High Net Worth Home Insurance cover includes all the features you need and expect from a high quality insurance policy and our rates are very competitive:

  • Full cover for all high value properties.
  • Listed buildings or non-standard construction covered.
  • 24 Hour claims hotline with counselling support.
  • Domestic Assistance Helpline with advice and contact details for tradesmen.
  • Discounts for alarms and security locks.
  • Discount when you take Buildings and contents cover.
  • Easy payment by credit card or direct debit.

There are two types of house insurance: buildings and contents cover. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home, so the roof, walls and windows. It also includes the permanent fixtures, such as the fitted kitchen and the bathroom suite. Buildings insurance policies vary, but they should all insure your home in case of fire, storm, flood, subsidence, burst pipes, theft and falling trees.

Most insurers offer extra cover if you need it, though you will normally have to pay an additional premium. Accidental damage is one of the most popular policy add-ons. You might also want to consider legal expenses cover.

Comparing home insurance policies

When you’re looking for the right home insurance deal you have to remember that the level and type of cover is just as important as the price. You need to compare levels of cover and check the exclusions (things you’re not insured for). This makes sure you get the features you need and you don’t pay more for unnecessary extras.

Don’t make assumptions. You might think some features of home insurance are standard (automatically included) but with some insurance companies they’ll be optional extras. For example:

  • Comprehensive accidental damage cover – fewer than one in five home insurance policies automatically cover you for damage you cause yourself, by accident.
  • Home emergency cover – fewer than one in five home insurance policies automatically provide help for home emergencies, and more than half don’t offer this as an option at all.
  • Personal belongings cover – items taken outside the home are usually not covered as part of a standard home contents policy.

Check the excess. This is the amount of the claim that you have to pay yourself. Four out of ten of all policies have a minimum excess of £100 or more – you can ask if increasing it will reduce your premiums.

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Satisfying Clients On-line

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