5 Basic Things for Developing a Company Business

Seeing stagnant sales and even decreasing it definitely makes the heart wary. This requires us to answer various questions: How to increase sales? How do you develop business and promote the company to be bigger and successful?
The following tips for developing the business run smoothly and successfully:

1. Make a Clear Value Proposition
Value propositon is the added value of a company that is made to be the reason why customers must choose our products. So, we don’t just meet customer needs, but also provide more benefits for the products we sell.
Value proposition can be in the form of product quality, responsive service, unique packaging, fast delivery, and more. The goal is that customers prefer to buy our products compared to competitors. Be Different Be Unique.

You can find the value proposition by exploring customer problems, what their needs are, so that your product can be problem solving.

2. Make a Strong Brand Identity
Brand Identity represents your product or company. In other words, when customers see the logo, slogan, or color of your product they will quickly be able to guess that it is you.
Brand Identity is like a character that is attached to your product / company. Unique and easy to remember. For example, when you see an apple logo bitten, then surely you know that it’s a brand from the Apple company. Or when you search for a search engine application with an orange fox logo circular on a blue ball, then it is certain it is Mozilla Firefox.
Of course brand identity is not just a logo. However, visual aspects that better illustrate how your brand is. Some visual elements of brand identity are:
• Logo
• Color
• Font / Typography
• Design System
• Icon
• Photography / Graphic
If you want to make a strong brand identity, your design must:
• Different / unique
• Draw attention
• Easy to remember
• Flexible
• Easy to apply in other designs

3. Improve the Quality of Your HR Performance

The driving company is employees. If you want your business to grow, all you need to do is improve the performance of your employees. You can maximize the function of your HR department by:
• Recruit potential candidates in an efficient and effective manner
• Creating a good HR system in accordance with the company’s strategy
• Understand the needs of employees by implementing training programs
• Build a work culture with collaboration and teamwork

4. Perform Sustainable Innovation

If your product is monotonous and there is no renewal, your customers will probably move to competitors. You need to innovate by making improvements to your products and services. Force your brain to always come up with new ideas.
Be sensitive to what market competencies you can explore and add value to your product. Always answer your customers’ needs with these innovations. With continuous innovation, business is growing and has an impact on increasing sales.

5. Technology that makes performance more productive

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Expanding Enterprises: What Can Help Expand Your Business 2018

Indonesia is an economically fertile country, offering some great opportunities for business owners to take advantage of. Depending on your business interests, the current climate might provide you with some excellent opportunities to expand your operations into this exciting marketplace. Fortunately, for modern business owners advances in office solutions have made it possible to do business around the world and in the same place, all at the same time.

With a number of options in office solutions, business owners can reduce their overheads drastically and increase productivity in the process. In addition, with flexible leasing options, you might find that if expanding involves relocating to a new area, you can find transferable leases that make the whole process seamless. Whether occupying an office in one of the major international cities or operating remotely, today’s office solutions can provide everything you need to ensure your business is a roaring success.

To learn more about different ways to expand your business this year, keep reading below.

Choose from a Variety of Office Plans


The modern office offers today’s entrepreneurs a number of alternatives to more conventional leasing options. A virtual office space, for example, is probably one of the most cost-effective ways of expanding your business. With a virtual office, entrepreneurs are provided access to facilities and their amenities all included in one affordable monthly payment. Some premium providers can even guarantee prestigious locations in some of the most prime business hubs around the globe, such as those at this website link. These plans typically work for start-ups, small business owners or those professionals who need access to office space but do not want to have to pay the excessive rents in traditional office spaces at these locations.

Coworking spaces also allow professionals room to grow. While it might seem difficult to imagine growing a business in this environment, coworking spaces provide professionals with a great environment to grow and network. As your business expands, the lease can be modified and adjusted to meet your needs.

Executive suites are another great alternative to a more conventional office space. With an executive suite, businesses share the floor with other companies. The leasing companies provide the business with the necessary amenities and utilities so business owners can get down to work right away. This plan works especially well for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Finally, these alternative leasing options are an attractive option for business owners as they allow businesses to test out markets on a short-term basis without committing to a lengthy lease. Typically, with all three options, the leasing terms tend to be shorter than with conventional leasing.


Add New Products and Services


Another tip for expanding your business is to look at other ways to attract clients to your business.  Perform market research to see what products and services are in need, and then look at your own business model to determine whether or not it is possible to meet these needs. Do not be afraid to target new clients as well, … Read More

3 stunning 5-star hotels in Goa for a luxurious vacation

Goa is that one place that tops the list of every traveller or tourist. The place is fancied by people from all age groups. The place casts a spell on both the parties, the one who has visited this place already and on the ones who haven’t. There is a lot to see and experience here.

It is famous not just for its beaches and nightlife but also for its food, Portuguese houses, local cuisines and so much more. The place is a perfect destination for people coming from all walks of lives. It offers really fancy, expensive and high-end hotels for the ones who like to experience the best of Goa and money is not a problem for them. It also has some very cool shacks, budget resorts, hostels and beautiful BnB’s.


With so many options and much more coming up, people are also keen for goa hotels booking. Each of these places vouches to showcase a culture which is very close to Goa and its tradition in every way possible. They promise to provide them with an experience that will be true Goan in every way possible.

More than any other place, the five-star hotels make it a point to give you an ultimate time of your life. These fancy places have everything that will provide you with the local experience but in a very exotic manner. The minute you enter this place they welcome you to a Goa which is exclusive only to you. From the décor of the room to the garden, food, music, every single thing is the best provided. They take care of the minute details making every corner accessible to your eyes as Goan as possible.

So if you are willing to spend some big bucks to experience the best of Goa which is only for the riches then following is the list of top 3 5 star hotels in Goa where you can make your reservations.

  1. Resort Rio – Located in Tambudki, Bardez, Resort Rio is a beautiful place providing all sorts of comfort and peace to all the people making their way to this hotel. The place has a stunning architecture which is huge and attracts a lot of people to it. The hotel is in the vicinity of Baga Beach which is very famous among all the tourists. There are 5 types of rooms providing you different sorts of luxury that you can choose from. All the rooms are beautifully done with elegant décor and stunning furnishing and the best of amenities. Along with this there are attached balconies from where you can enjoy the view of the surroundings. There are multiple options for the guests to dine in and enjoy their time. There is a luxury spa, a swimming pool, beauty salon and many other things for you to enjoy your days here.
  2. Alila Diwa Goa – Based in Majorda, Alila Diwa Goa, this place is an epitome of luxury. The stunning décor with lovely ambience
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