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Pursuing a Career: 4 Tips to Get a Good Job as an Accountant

Pursuing a Career: 4 Tips to Get a Good Job as an Accountant

Applying for jobs can be a tiresome task.  There are many jobs available with many qualified candidates.  How do you make yourself stand out in the accounting field? Here are four tips to get a good job as an accountant.

Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

After getting your bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, the next step to set yourself apart from others is to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

Each state has its own requirements to take the CPA exam.  Make sure you qualify to take the test first. Once you qualify, enroll in CPA review courses. Studying for the exam cannot be taken lightly.

CPA review courses have the study materials you need in order to pass the exam.  Earning CPA certification shows recruiters that you are dedicated to the field of accounting for a career, as well as reflects positively upon your work ethic and dedication to success.

Earn Multiple Credentials

While earning a CPA certification sets you apart from other candidates, not all accounting jobs available require or prefer CPA certification.

Even though you’re an accountant, you can have various specializations such as financial analyst (CFP), management accountant (CMA), or internal auditor (CIA).  Earning multiple credentials provides more job opportunities and widens your job search.

Multiple credentials express your vast knowledge of accounting. Be aware that having too many credentials may discourage recruiters.  Be wise in your credentials and how many you earn. Specialization is a priority rather than being a jack of … Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Opening Your Healthcare Practice

5 Things to Consider Before Opening Your Healthcare Practice


Opening a new healthcare practice can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be stressful. It takes a lot of planning to get a new clinic up and running efficiently and practitioners have to make a lot of important decisions before opening their healthcare practices. Read on to find out about five of the most important things to consider prior to opening day.

Equipment and Supplies

Every healthcare practice needs to be well supplied. Purchase high-quality medical equipment and buy basic supplies like gloves and bandages in bulk to take advantage of discounts. Depending on their focus, some practices will need more specialized equipment than others.

All practices will need ADA accessible exam tables, vital signs monitors, diagnostic equipment, exam lights, sharps containers and proper trash receptacles, and basic supplies like hand sanitizer and gloves. When purchasing equipment, don’t forget about things like mobile carts, computer stands, and janitorial equipment.

Licensing and Credentials

The clinic and all healthcare providers working in it will have to be properly licensed and credentialed by insurers and hospitals. The clinic will need a state medical license, a DEA license, and a state narcotics license, and insurance companies will want to review provider enrollment and credentialing applications in advance. Start this phase of planning at least three to six months before the clinic’s expected opening date.

Insurance Coverage

There are a few kinds of insurance coverage that should be considered essential for medical practices. They include malpractice insurance, group health and dental insurance, workers’ … Read More

3 Plastic Welding Tricks to Utilize in Your Manufacturing Business

3 Plastic Welding Tricks to Utilize in Your Manufacturing Business

Parts made from metals like steel and aluminum can be welded by applying enough heat that they melt and join permanently together. Many types of plastics are even easier to weld and form joints that are as strong and resilient as the surrounding material.

Manufacturers tend to appreciate the versatility and accessibility of plastic welding, but there are often easy ways to improve upon the status quo. The three tracks that follow can turn almost any plastic welding process into a more efficient, cost-effective one.

Compared to most metals, thermoplastics are amenable to welding by a surprisingly large number of techniques. Being sure to use the approach most appropriate to a particular product or operation will ensure the best possible results. Some of the most popular plastic welding techniques use heat sources like the following:

  • Hot air.
  • The
  • tools found here
  • and many other best-sellers enable the welding of thermoplastics using hot air. This especially flexible welding technique is a perennially popular one for many good reasons. Inexpensive and approachable, hot air welding nonetheless tends to produce very strong joints in many plastics.
  • Radiofrequency energy (RF).
  • RF welding tools can reach places that would block other implements out. Using RF welding techniques can allow the permanent joining of especially intricate, complex parts. Although it can be slower than certain alternatives, RF often excels where especially
  • precious, expensive thermoplastics
  • are being employed.
  • Lasers.
  • Lasers are capable of focusing large amounts of energy onto carefully defined targets. That makes lasers perfect for
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