How to Design Effective Leaflets with Belfast Print Online

It does not matter whether you are operating as a B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) company; you need to know everything about your customers to create a stable and effective marketing strategy.

Simultaneously, you can use a direct marketing approach to keep your brand relevant and vital compared with your competitors. One of the most prominent direct marketing perspectives includes direct mail, which has been around for hundreds of years.

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The best way to do it is by creating flyers and leaflets to provide useful information on your services and products and other relevant info about your brand and company.

Creating an appealing leaflet is not a simple endeavor, especially if you wish to stand out from other companies.

Creating a professional design is vital for leaving the best impression possible, especially if you have in mind that customers tend to consider the first impression as a crucial perspective.

We decided to present you with tips to create the best leaflet for your particular requirements.

1.Less is more

When designing the leaflet for your particular company, you should think about space and the ability to attract customers without adding too many words inside.

Remember that no one wants to read a leaflet similarly to a novel, which is why you should avoid implementing too much text.

Too many words are not aesthetically appealing at first, and it takes too long to make it, which means that you should find other ways to do it. That is the main reason you should think about the leaflet’s space while designing it and try to be as effective as possible along the way.

It is also important to remember that you should concentrate on the entire leaflet and not just a piece of it, such as the center or corners.


When it comes to words, less is more, which we have mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, you also have to think about implementing appealing images that will represent your company.

You need to make sure to use high-quality photos inside and print them by using the latest technology. The worst thing you can do is create a leaflet with low-resolution images where you can see pixels.

Of course, if that is part of your branding idea, that is okay, but generally, you should implement the images that will present the quality of your services and products the best you can.

3.Make It Readable

Similarly, as we have mentioned before, it is vital to make your leaflet transparent and readable, so you should implement a message that will stand out to others.

We recommend you avoid using light colors such as yellow and white for text because they are challenging to read unless you use a dark background.

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You should add useful and short sentences to get a clear perspective, which will affect your readers’ attention. Generally, you should add something that will represent you and display a call to action, such as a discount or a particular bargain you wish others to see.

Remember that you should avoid using the text below ten points because it will be unreadable, and you will not get what you wanted in the first place.


It is vital to mention that everything should be of high quality as you can afford and create. We are talking about the quality of print, content, images, and words you wish to implement inside.

Content is important because you will be able to present the message and get it across to the target customers to remember it along the way.

At the same time, the print quality is essential because leaflet is something that they will physically have, which is why you do not want to make it low-end so that they can tear it apart with a single touch.

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The quality of the print will leave a great impression on your customers. Remember that most of them will use various finishes, including silk, matt, or luxury papers.

At the same time, before printing them, you should save them in RGB or CMYK formats, which are the best options for printing and using them on PCs.