The application is filled online using social media sites or our official website. Initially, an account is created and then the loan is applied online within a span of 5 minutes or less. We appreciate our customers and that’s why wegive quality services to them. Our qualified team works hard and is very dedicated to making our vision a success. This is done through quick loan application and impressive customer interface on our website.

Most of the loan applicants have questions such as:

  • Have I never ever heard of Captaincash loans before?
  • I do not like sharing my personal and financial information online due to safety risks.
    What will my data be used for?
  • Will the online loan agency be accessing my bank details?
  • Is it possible to fax or email all of my information?
  • Will my password information be visible?
  • Why is this loan system recommended for us to use?

Self-employed eligibility: Unfortunately there is no eligibility as a self-employed person. A valid source of income is required by the employers note. You must be through direct deposit many times in order to be considered fit for the loan. Refusal or declination of your online loan application mostly may occur because of one or more of this related reasons:

  • Un-discharged bankruptcy present in your loan application file.
  • Lack of a stable form of employment.
  • Lack of sufficient required loan information in all your documents or incorrect information provided when filling the loan application forms.
  • A lot of insufficient funds charges or related charges in the bank account information provided.


 prides themselves on providing you with quick and reliable service. Hence, your money will be deposited in your bank account just the same day as the application was made. This is subject to application been approved by the time of 14:00 EST. When your loan application made online is approved just after 14:00 EST, you should give it a maximum of 24 good business hours in order for the money applied for to be cashed. We guarantee you that you will not wait any longer than the specified time. Our rates are one of the best!

How does it work? You simply need to get an online application which won’t last even for 5 minutes.
As opposed to thinking of financial constraints by many people, it comes a time when cash emergencies occur and if you have access to a fast source of money is important. That’s where we can help. We’re here to provide clients with easy access to quick cash when it’s needed most. The process is easy, and our thousands of past clients will attest the process is simple and secure.

Deposits can be made on any given business day if the loan application is approved latest by 2 pm EST.
Your money will appear in your account the same day.

Employment Insurance is accepted. This is after finishing all of your loan application and providing our team with a proof.