The Importance of Background Checks

Background checks are a common step in the hiring process and most candidates have no objections to allowing businesses to scan their history. Some businesses, however, might simply see these as an added expense. Even though background checks cost money, it’s considered an extremely important investment in your business. You might get a good feeling when you interview someone, but you’ll never know if they have a dangerous history unless you search for it. Here are a few reasons why background checks are important.


Whether you use an online reporting service or a background check company, there’s a lot of information you can learn from a report. Perhaps the most important reason to check this report is to keep your office a safe environment. Remember that every new hire who walks through your door will be working directly with other people, and it’s your job as the boss to keep everyone safe. Background checks can give you an idea if a person is trustworthy and acts with decorum in the office by showing any prior terminations, criminal charges, and arrest records.


Candidates often list degrees they’ve earned on their resumes and provide dates of past employment on applications, but how do you know if these are true? Background checks can help you verify information on resumes and applications so you know the person has the qualifications listed. This helps you to hire qualified candidates who will be able to perform their job duties with ease and keeps you from having to invest in too much training and onboarding.

Encourage Honesty

When candidates have to agree to a background check in their application, it encourages them to be honest in the first place. You’re more likely to see candidates with relevant experience and clean records coming through your recruitment pipeline if they know you’ll be checking out their history. This means you’re naturally filtering for the most honest, trustworthy candidates before even opening their application.

Relying on instinct when hiring new employees just isn’t good business. It’s smart to use background checks to ensure the safety of your office, verify information on applications, and encourage honesty among your candidates. Using these techniques will ensure you’re considering the best possible candidates for your company and open position. So don’t be afraid to spend on a background check next time you’re hiring because you just might be surprised what you find!