Warehouse Services Provide More than Just Storage

Moving a product from where it is produced to where the customer is, never takes a straight line. A local pizza maker wants their pies delivered while they are still hot while a candle maker may be worried their product shipped in June may not look like a candle when it arrives at the customer’s shop in July.

For many manufacturers, having a centralized inventory and knowing how that inventory is handled once it ships makes all the difference.

The unique shipping concerns of any manufacturer should all be addressed by the company selected to house and handle an inventory. Warehouse operated services, such as warehouse services Walnut Creek CA, can provide important benefits that support the supplier’s business.

Inventory Management

A recent industry survey shows that as many as 24% of companies do not maintain a product inventory and another 8% do not track inventory levels. By maintaining a centralized location for storage, shipment and distribution of their goods, manufacturers and producers gain important information about their productivity and their customers.

Packaging and Processing

In addition to movement and storage, warehouses provide packing and sorting services that can eliminate for the manufacturer many repetitive shipping tasks such as scheduling pick-ups and fulfillment.

Customer Service

At the time of purchase, customers will expect to know when a shipment will arrive. Failing to meet an expected delivery time often leads to customers looking elsewhere for their next purchase.

Stable Prices

The production of nearly every product will face regular, planned pauses as well as those interruptions that are not expected. Also, customer demand can fluctuate from month to month depending on anything from the season to the current economy. Having a consistent level of inventory ready to ship allows the producer to maintain steady price levels or quickly respond to competition.

Reduced Risk

A temperature-controlled warehouse protects the manufacturer from product perishability or temperature swings. Also, warehouse operators carry insurance to cover fire, damage and theft so that compensation is provided to the shipper if the unexpected happens.