4 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Stalker

You may not hear about stalking much anymore because it doesn’t flash across the headlines. However, stalking is still a real problem for society, and one in five women and one in 15 men will experience the dilemma during their lifetime. With such a high number, you may be asking yourself how you can protect yourself from a stalker. Here are four ways you can make sure you are safe.

1. Don’t Be Alone

You are most vulnerable when you are alone, so if you can avoid it, do so. Have a friend go with you when shopping, to take a morning jog, or run to the barista near the office. The less time you spend alone, the safer you will be from the unwanted attention of anyone.

2. Hug Your Phone

Keep your phone with you at all times, and don’t let anyone you suspect near your phone for any reason. Spyware is easy to install that will allow someone to track your movements and access your correspondence. Don’t let anyone borrow your phone for any reason.

3. Hire Personal Security

Sometimes the stalking can become unbearable. When that occurs, hire a private security company Miami to send someone with you when you go out to social events. The sight of security personnel will send the message that you are serious about being left alone.

4. Document the Event

Anytime your stalker contacts you, document the event. From phone calls to watching your house to sending you threatening emails, keep records of all the times, dates, and correspondence. If you can, take photos to prove the harassment, and then contact your lawyer, police representative, or liaison. The more people that know about the problem, the better it is for you.

Stalking is a dangerous form of abuse that can quickly escalate. Don’t let yourself become a victim – fight back.