Emotional Management System In Forex Trading

We’ve already discussed before that in forex trading, emotions can be a source of disaster. The helplessness of a trader in controlling emotions while trading can be fatal. And I’m sure you do not want to be included in the category of traders who fail because they can’t control emotions right?

Well, the importance of emotional control is actually you can start early before you enter into forex trading. To be honest, there is a system commonly referred to as an emotion management system or emotional management system. This one system you can find in a trading plan.

So before entering into s2trade scam, you should know that trading plan has an important role in your success as a trader. A mature trading plan will allow you to trade in a structured and systematic way. The fact is that in making trading plans there are three main aspects that you can’t leave behind, where all three will work simultaneously. One of the main aspects is the emotional management system or emotion management system.

EMS (Emotion Management System)

Before, you need to know that the emotional management system you can just ignore or use. It all depends on the type of trading you are doing. If you include traders who trade using trading software then this one system you can ignore and you simply emphasize the use of financial management systems and forex trading system only. However, if you are a trader who is fully trading manually, then make sure the system goes into making your trading plan.

Emotion management system becomes one of the aspects that make your trading run well. In this system you will record every emotion you feel during trading take place. Similarly, the other two system of financial management systems and forex trading systems that use trading logs or trading journals as a place to record. So this also applies equally to the emotional management system.

After several trading times, you can try to read trading logs or trading journals. This should be done as a form of evaluation of your emotional state during trading. Ongoing recording and evaluation of emotions will eventually lead you to achieve something called emotional stability. As we discussed earlier in this article, emotional stability is very important in trading forex.

Examples of Emotion Checklist in Emotion Management System

Well, as an example of the following are some examples of emotional checklists that you can note in trading logs or trading journals:

  • Am I angry if I lose? If the answer is yes, then add something in the journal as a warning form. An example of a warning is “losses are inevitable in any business, including forex trading”.
  • Do you feel great when making successive profits? If so, then you can write something in a trading journal like “In forex trading there is no such thing as luck, the profit earned today either a streak or just once you can’t get in the next trading”.

In addition to the two examples above the fact there are still so many emotions that often appear in you when trading. Just make sure that you record all the emotions you feel and find out any warnings, statements or anything that breaks the emotion. Things like this will really help you in controlling emotions while trading.