Feng Shui Your Office

Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese practice of creating positive energy between spaces and the people who dwell in them. To create a harmonious Feng Shui environment in your office, follow these tips.

Furniture Layout

The layout of your office furniture Indiana should include plenty of open space for the good energy to flow leisurely between desks and cabinets. Feng Shui avoids constricted spaces. The chair behind your desk should face the door in the power position. If you must share a small space with a coworker, make sure you are facing each other rather than back-to-back. If necessary, erect a partition such as artwork suspended from the ceiling or a plant for privacy.

Desktop Organization

A harmonious desktop combines an equal number of the following elements: wood, earth, metal, fire, and water. The key is to get each element in balance with the others. Too much of one type will lead to unease or discord. There are many ways to balance the elements. For example, if your office is full of bright lights (fire) and filing cabinets (metal), add in some landscape art (earth), plants (wood) and perhaps a small fountain (water) to stabilize the room.

Although it’s challenging, to fully embrace the idea of Feng Shui means keeping your desk clear of clutter. Work out a system where paperwork gets dealt with once or twice a day and then put away until tomorrow to keep your workspace clear. Arrange your desk by zones or a bagua map so that each area corresponds with something you desire such as wealth, health or wisdom. Keep items related to these aspirations in the correct zone.

Colors Scheme

With Feng Shui, certain colors hold symbolism. Like the elements, these should also be in balance. Choose colors that represent one of the elements such as browns, greens or yellows. Avoid large swaths of bright garish colors as these will throw off the harmony. Instead opt for spots of bright color for inspiration.

Creating harmony with your coworkers may be a daily challenge. Creating it in your workspace, however, is easily achievable.