How to Motivations from Jack Ma for Businessmen Who Want to Succeed

Who doesn’t know Jack Ma? The founder of the Alibaba Group is an inspirational figure who proves that the term from zero to hero is not just wishful thinking.

Thanks to his hard work and brilliant ideas, his efforts and success with Alibaba are always increasing. Now this prominent business figure from China has decided to retire from the Alibaba Group.

However, his persistence, inspirational stories, and motivational words will continue to serve as a lesson for other entrepreneurs. Here we review seven messages from Jack Ma’s words, especially for you successful entrepreneurs.

Jack Ma

1. Wise in Facing Competitors

a businessman at work A competitor is not a figure to be viewed as an enemy to business actors. Competitor-owned businesses are also things that you can learn, both in terms of products, services, business strategies, and so on.

However, use those lessons to innovate. By continuously learning and updating business strategies, your business will continue to compete and develop in its field.

Apart from that, Jack Ma also advised to continue to prioritize customers over studying competitors. Because, no matter how mature your business strategy is, if it doesn’t provide benefits and good service for your customers, then the business will certainly not run well.

2. Money is not the only capital for success

Apart from finances, dreams and fighting spirit are the strongest motivating factors in building a business. When many trials come our way, it is dreams that will strengthen us to keep fighting

Jack Ma’s story is a testament to the persistence and hard work that made his dreams come true. Even though he was rejected by 30 companies and swerved to become an English teacher, with all his efforts and brilliant ideas, he was able to work on innovative ventures in the field of technology without having a background in that field.

3. Know Your Business Realm and Create Innovation

Knowing your opponent and the battlefield that you will face is a good first step to start your business.

However, don’t get caught up in comfort with your knowledge at the start of your business. The world is changing very fast.

Companies in all fields continue to compete to win the hearts of their customers and innovate to create new trends.

Therefore adapting, learning, and updating your business strategically are important things that need to be implemented to survive in the business world.

4. Empower the Best People for Your Business

“If you want to be a champion in the 21st century, you have to empower other people and make sure they are people who are much better than you. That way you will be successful.”

doing business with friends Have you ever heard of the term respect others so that they can be respected by others? Jack Ma is a happy entrepreneur and focuses on how his business benefits.

Jack Ma also said to hire people whose abilities are better than us. Because then, your knowledge and effort will have the potential to develop simultaneously.

5. Always Be Aware of Existing Opportunities

Starting from an accident while using the internet, inspiration came to Jack Ma. He sees business opportunities from his English skills and how little information is about products from China.

This opportunity came and occurred to him when people at that time had not thought about it.

With his enthusiasm and brilliant ideas, Jack Ma is always on the move and realizing his vision in doing business to produce abundant success until his current retirement.

6. Never Give Up in Fighting

use digital payments and support a cashless society – business employees

What happens if Jack Ma gives up halfway when his job application is rejected by 30 companies?

What happens if he doesn’t try to develop his English skills well?

Maybe inspiration won’t come in the same way as he does now. For Jack Ma, success is something that can only be achieved and lived without much lamentation.

Fatigue is inevitable, because it is impossible for things to go our way. This should be overcome by getting enough rest and trying to fit within the range of your abilities. Keep balancing your efforts and maintaining your health, okay!

7. Place the Focus on Your Customers and Employees

Customers and workforce are the main actors that keep your business running. Having a vision or goal in business is of course also something that is no less important than these two elements.

However, Jack Ma proves that his success and profit in business comes from his persistence and focus on customer satisfaction and the well-being of his workforce, not just his vision for the business.

Because, who else but your customers and employees will help you achieve your dreams?

He is always happy when he talks about how much he tries to help his customers and create jobs for many people.