Pursuing a Career: 4 Tips to Get a Good Job as an Accountant

Applying for jobs can be a tiresome task.  There are many jobs available with many qualified candidates.  How do you make yourself stand out in the accounting field? Here are four tips to get a good job as an accountant.

Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

After getting your bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, the next step to set yourself apart from others is to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

Each state has its own requirements to take the CPA exam.  Make sure you qualify to take the test first. Once you qualify, enroll in CPA review courses. Studying for the exam cannot be taken lightly.

CPA review courses have the study materials you need in order to pass the exam.  Earning CPA certification shows recruiters that you are dedicated to the field of accounting for a career, as well as reflects positively upon your work ethic and dedication to success.

Earn Multiple Credentials

While earning a CPA certification sets you apart from other candidates, not all accounting jobs available require or prefer CPA certification.

Even though you’re an accountant, you can have various specializations such as financial analyst (CFP), management accountant (CMA), or internal auditor (CIA).  Earning multiple credentials provides more job opportunities and widens your job search.

Multiple credentials express your vast knowledge of accounting. Be aware that having too many credentials may discourage recruiters.  Be wise in your credentials and how many you earn. Specialization is a priority rather than being a jack of all trades.

Master Excel

Much of accounting is done with spreadsheets. Mastering Excel is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Excel is a program many people struggle to use as there are a plethora of things you can do with it.  Graphs, spreadsheets, and budgets can be made and maintained in Excel. As an accountant, you need to know how to perform these actions efficiently.

Excel is used by many different companies. Mastery of this program will serve as a positive attribute for many job opportunities.

Gain Familiarity with Accounting Software

Depending on the size of the organization, there may be different account software utilized.  It’s important to have a familiarity with the different programs and how to make the program work best for your place of business.

Small businesses have different needs than large corporations.  Having knowledge of accounting software could be beneficial to small businesses paying for something they don’t need.  As their accountant, they rely on you to understand how to improve their profits and where the business currently stands.

Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Zoho Books are three of the software programs you should be familiar with.

Start Applying!

Whether you’re an experienced accountant or someone fresh out of college, it is important to remember the job fields are consistently growing.  More knowledge is needed to become an expert so the learning process doesn’t stop once you get your degree. Stay on top of the competition by continuing to gain knowledge, show that knowledge to recruiters, and enjoy the benefits of that sweet accounting job.