The do’s and don’ts of face-to-face sales

Get face-to-face sales right and you stand to enhance your brand profile, increase your revenue and raise your profits. Get it wrong and you risk wasting time, energy and money. So, how exactly should you set about trying to make the most of these promotional campaigns? To help you achieve the best possible results, here are some basic dos and don’ts to bear in mind.

DON’T bombard consumers with too much information

It’s not a good idea to use these marketing opportunities to simply bombard potential customers with information about your business. Instead, you should treat face-to-face sales as an opportunity to engage consumers in conversation, explaining what you have to offer and inviting them to ask questions. Direct marketing experts Appco UK highlight the importance of this issue, suggesting it is crucial to respect consumers and listen to what they have to say. Having meaningful two-way conversations like this should help you to establish a rapport with your target audience and build trust in your brand.

DO have a clear strategy

Appco UK also notes the need to have a clearly defined strategy in place from the very beginning of your campaign. This should include the sales targets you’re looking to hit, the timeframe you’re working in, the techniques you will use to engage with consumers and the methods by which you’ll assess the effectiveness of your campaign. By getting these points in place at the start of your marketing initiative, you should find it easier to keep your focus and make the best use of your resources.

DON’T let costs spiral

If you don’t keep tight control of your purse strings, there’s a danger your costs will spiral and you’ll struggle to achieve a healthy return on your investment. One simple way to keep your expenses in check and get a good ROI is to turn to a specialist that offers a performance-based payment model, such as Appco Group. This means you will only have to pay for the results you actually see.

DO make sure your brand representatives are well prepared

You won’t make a good impression on potential customers if the people representing your business don’t know their stuff. This means it’s essential to ensure that the brand ambassadors out there promoting your products or services are highly knowledgeable about your company and what you have to offer. When these people have all the relevant information, they are in a much better position to engage with consumers and answer their questions. It also helps to ensure that your business looks professional and trustworthy.